Which states have the cheapest home insurance quotes?

NEW YORK — The prices of individual and group home insurance policies have gone down over the past few years, but how much cheaper can you get?

We asked home insurance companies to provide us with their pricing data on individual policies.

Here’s what they told us:In New York, home insurance premiums are on average $200 a month more expensive than in most other states.

That makes it the least affordable state for homeowners, according to an analysis by RealtyTrac.

The average cost of a homeowner’s individual home insurance policy in New York is $1,849 a month.

That’s $1.06 a month less than the national average of $1 (which is $5,500 a year).

That’s more than $1 a month cheaper than the $1 cost in Texas.

The average is $2,095 a month, but the state has a higher rate of homeowners with multiple policies than the U.S. average.

In fact, there are states where the average home insurance rate is more than twice the national rate, such as Alaska, Texas, Hawaii, New Jersey and Florida.