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Futuro home a new future home for a young man who wants to live in a new house in leamingtons future home in the city of Leamington will be the only house that will be built in the community. 

The house was recently built in a vacant building on the outskirts of the city, and is located just over 100m away from the Leamingtons town centre. 

According to the owners, it is a dream of their dreams to build a house in the area and have it be an affordable place for the young people to live.

“We are happy to finally be able to share our dream with the world,” the owners told The Next Home. 

“We want to build this house and show that Leamingtown is not the place where dreams are just dreams, but an exciting place that you can grow up in and live in, for many years to come.”

The Future Home has been constructed on the land of a former farm, and will be owned by a group of local residents. 

As well as a garden area, the house will also have a private courtyard, swimming pool, a gym, gymnasium and a library. 

There will be three bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

Futuro, which is owned by local firm Futuro and the Leakes, said it has received an overwhelming response to its crowdfunding campaign, and has already received funding from the community, community organisations and a number of businesses. 

Leamington is also home to the Leaky Waterway, a popular local beach with its sand, and a popular destination for young people looking to have a break. 

However, it also has one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, with prices ranging from around $6,000 for a one-bedroom home in LeamingTown to $10,000 in LeakyTown. 

It is estimated that the Futuro house will cost around $8,000 per month for the owner, with a mortgage payment of $1,500. 

In LeamingTON, Futuro said it had received interest from a number, and had been in talks with a number people interested in building a home in their community.

“As of right now, we are looking at people that want to live here for a few years,” Futuro’s founder, Michael Leech told The Local.

“Some are people that have never lived in Leakington before, or that don’t like Leakytown. 

Others want to give their home to a relative or friend, and want to be able share their home with their kids. 

And finally, some want to sell it, and others want to rent it out to friends or families, or for a weekend away.”

The Futuro family will need to raise the $4,000 needed to build the house, and the money will come from donations and donations from Leaky Town. 

Michael Leech said that the house had already been built by Futuro, and that he and his brother, who lives in Leaktown, had helped out on the project.

“The Futurys are very close friends,” he said. 

“[The Leaky Waterside is] one of our neighbours. 

They have come together to buy it and build it.” 

The Leakers have also been helping in the fundraising effort for Futuro. 

A crowdfunding page was set up in order to raise money for Futurist, the Leakingtown-based architectural firm that has been helping build Futuro for several years. 

On the crowdfunding page, Futurists founder, John Leech, said: “We are honoured to have been selected as a founding partner in Futuro as a brand, and we are extremely grateful to the Futurism community for the help.” 

Fundraising for Futuralist started on Monday and will continue until June. 

Funds will be sent to the owner of the Futural House, which will then be used to cover construction costs. 

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