Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have formed a new partnership

Microsoft and Google are announcing a partnership that will allow the companies to create and sell virtual homes.

The companies will be able to build the homes from scratch with new software and hardware that will be available to other developers, which means that the homes can be more cheaply and easily manufactured and sold.

The partnerships comes as the tech companies are in the midst of a battle with Microsoft and other software makers over privacy and security. 

The new arrangement is an extension of the Microsoft-Google partnership that was announced last week.

Google’s home and cloud products will now be available for purchase from Microsoft’s Microsoft HoloLens platform. 

Microsoft and Google will also be able collaborate on the creation of new Microsoft-built software for use in HoloLens, which was announced in January. 

It’s unclear when the new partnership will begin. 

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Microsoft and Microsoft will be joining a growing list of companies that have launched virtual homes over the past year.

Google recently released the HoloLens Home virtual reality platform.

Samsung, Apple, and LG have all launched home-oriented VR devices.

Google has also begun selling a series of home-related VR products, including a virtual reality headset that will reportedly launch in 2018.

Microsoft and Samsung’s Home, which is the product that will power all the Microsoft HoloLenses, is currently available for $1,999.99.

Other new products include the HoloLux, a virtual home that can be installed in your home and home office, and the HoloFlux, which can be connected to a virtual world and use Google Assistant and Cortana to communicate with your home.

Google’s Home will be sold separately from the HoloVision and HoloLens platforms, and Microsoft’s HoloLens will not be available at all.

Microsoft has not yet released any official pricing for the new Home products.