This futura home is for sale in California

The Futura Home has become a new trend among futurists and designers looking to get into the home-building business.

The house, which was designed by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Rizvan Futura, is the latest addition to a growing list of futurist designs.

The futura is a combination of a traditional house and a home designed to be shared with family members.

Futura Homes recently unveiled the house in Los Angeles.

The home has been featured on the Urban Land Institute’s website, and the Futura website shows it in its current location of a vacant lot in Hollywood, California.

The Futurura home, which is located in Hollywood on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and South La Brea Avenue, was recently featured in a video called Futururias Dream.

Futurias dream Futuria Home features a single-story house built in the mid-19th century with an open floor plan.

The interior is made up of several layers of brick, and it’s topped with glass and metal.

The building also includes a garden that spans the entire house, including a fountain, swimming pool, pool table, and tennis court.

The roof and exterior walls are covered with a large, open-plan design.

The entire house is about 30 feet long and 50 feet wide, and has a footprint of roughly 3,600 square feet.

The design was originally inspired by the futurism of Italian architect Giuseppe Futuris Futurosa, who created the Futuras Dream, a collection of prefabricated homes that have been shared with families since the 1970s.

Futurias Dream houses featured in Riz van Futura Futura’s Futuraria home are available in both white and black finishes, and they range in price from $4,000 to $7,000.

Futuranas Dream was a great success in the United States, with the Futuria Dream home sold out in its first week.

Futuria is also currently working on another house that will be shared by two families.

The company recently released the Futuron House in Santa Barbara, California, which has a roof deck and will be home to two young children.

Futuron Homes plans to add more futuras and other home designs in the future, and you can find more information about the Futuras Dream here.

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