First Look: Weston Homes Future Homes

The Weston Homes brand is a real estate venture that wants to be on every corner of the globe.

The Weston project will be located in the Bahamas.

Weston Homes is one of the biggest development projects in the world.

Weston is a company that builds homes for wealthy families in Miami.

Weston, the Bahamas project is a partnership between Weston Homes, the Miami-based Weston Group, and the Bahamas government. 

The Weston Homes project will have three locations.

One is in Miami, Florida.

The other two are in Florida and New Jersey. 

Each location will feature three homes, each a two-bedroom, three-bathroom home. 

According to Weston Homes website, the goal of the Weston Homes development is to be the home of “the world’s wealthiest families” with “luxurious living options.” 

Worth noting is that Weston Homes has a long history in the United States.

They are also the developer of a number of luxury condos, including a luxury hotel in New York City. 

One of Weston’s most recent projects in Miami was the $5 billion Wynwood project.

In 2018, Weston Homes announced that they were working with developer Soho Development, who is building a $15 billion residential project in the Miami suburb of Coral Gables. 

Wynwood will be a 1,400-room hotel with restaurants, bars, and a fitness center. 

More from the Weston Group website: Wyndham Homes, Inc. is a private, global real estate company, headquartered in Newport Beach, California, with headquarters in Miami and New York.

Wyndham offers an extensive portfolio of residential, commercial, institutional, and government real estate projects.

Wyldham offers a wide range of properties across a broad geographic and climate footprint, with the majority of its residential properties located in Miami-Dade, Broward, Orange, Palm Beach, Broword, and Palm Beach Counties. 

 In 2017, Weston’s Miami-Fort Lauderdale project completed the construction of the world’s first luxury condo project in Florida. 

In 2018, Wyndhoos Miami Beach project completed construction of a $8 billion residential complex in Miami Gardens. 

For more information about Weston Homes and the Weston project, please visit their website. 

Photos via Weston Homes