How to buy a modular home

Bright Futures Home has a new modular home in the works and is now selling it on Amazon for $1,200.

The house is called Future Modular Home and is a “large, open floorplan home” that is modular with a built-in kitchen.

The floorplan is built around a large, open living room with open, windowed windows.

The kitchen is open with a large countertop, sink, and pantry.

It has a built in bathroom and a built out bathroom with built in shower.

There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a full kitchen.

There are four storage spaces in the house including a storage bin and an outdoor kitchen.

The project is designed to offer people flexibility to use the home when they want to, and it looks like the project will be a great fit for a home with a small living room.

The house is currently listed on Amazon at $1.1 million.