How to build a house that’s 100 years old

The 60s Future Homes category is home to a whole new wave of homes, some of them from a decade ago, that have since been put up for sale.

The oldest is a 10,000 sq ft Victorian-era home, built in 1927, by the firm B&Q and built by the architect Sir Charles Woodcock.

It is worth an estimated £1.6m and is currently being sold for £1m.

Its previous owner bought it in 2014 for £600,000.

“The main difference between this house and others is the fact that it has an open kitchen, a bath, a swimming pool, and the main room has been completely renovated,” says the seller.

The house’s original owner, an estate agent from Bristol, bought it for £500,000 when it was built in 1925.

The interior is still in use, including a sofa and two chairs.

The kitchen, which has been given a new coat of paint, is made from a wood-panelled metal frame.

A new fireplace is built into the wall, and a glass wall has been built to allow access to the terrace.

The property also includes a swimming bath and a pool.

The owners are hoping to sell it to a buyer who is keen to have it converted to a home.