Fox Sports predicts big 2020 TV deals ahead of Super Bowl

Fox Sports is forecasting big 2020 television deals ahead on cable, as its network partners move into the next stage of its multi-year plan to launch a new era of sports.

Fox Sports Network and ESPN, which is also owned by Time Warner, will begin a new phase of their business this year with the launch of a new digital-first cable channel, the new network will be a digital-only channel, and it will be part of a slate of new sports rights deals that will also include rights to the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and the college and pro football college football.

Fox’s plans for 2020 include a digital channel, which will be named FS1.

A slate of rights deals includes the rights to broadcast college football, MLB and NHL games, and a slate that includes exclusive rights to MLB games on Fox Sports 1, FS2, FS3, FS4, FS5, FS6, FS7, FS8, FS9, FS10, FS11, FS12, FS13, FS14, FS15, FS16, FS17, FS18, FS19, FS20, FS21, FS22, FS23, FS24, FS25, FS26, FS27, FS28, FS29, FS30, FS31, FS32, FS33, FS34, FS35, FS36, FS37, FS38, FS39, FS40, FS41, FS42, FS43, FS44, FS45, FS46, FS47, FS48, FS49, FS50, FS51, FS52, FS53, FS54, FS55, FS56, FS57, FS58, FS59, FS60, FS61, FS62, FS63, FS64, FS65, FS66, FS67, FS68, FS69, FS70, FS71, FS72, FS73, FS74, FS75, FS76, FS77, FS78, FS79, FS80, FS81, FS82, FS83, FS84, FS85, FS86, FS87, FS88, FS89, FS90, FS91, FS92, FS93, FS94, FS95, FS96, FS97, FS98, FS99, FS100, FS101, FS102, FS103, FS104, FS105, FS106, FS107, FS108, FS109, FS110, FS111, FS112, FS113, FS114, FS115, FS116, FS117, FS118, FS119, FS120, FS121, FS122, FS123, FS124, FS125, FS126, FS127, FS128, FS129, FS130, FS131, FS132, FS133, FS134, FS135, FS136, FS137, FS138, FS139, FS140, FS141, FS142, FS143, FS144, FS145, FS146, FS147, FS148, FS149, FS150, FS151, FS152, FS153, FS154, FS155, FS156, FS157, FS158, FS159, FS160, FS161, FS162, FS163, FS164, FS165, FS166, FS167, FS168, FS169, FS170, FS171, FS172, FS173, FS174, FS175, FS176, FS177, FS178, FS179, FS180, FS181, FS182, FS183, FS184, FS185, FS186, FS187, FS188, FS189, FS190, FS191, FS192, FS193, FS194, FS195, FS196, FS197, FS198, FS199, FS200, FS201, FS202, FS203, FS204, FS205, FS206, FS207, FS208, FS209, FS210, FS211, FS212, FS213, FS214, FS215, FS216, FS217, FS218, FS219, FS220, FS221, FS222, FS223, FS224, FS225, FS226, FS227, FS228, FS229, FS230, FS231, FS232, FS233, FS234, FS235, FS236, FS237, FS238, FS239, FS240, FS241, FS242, FS243, FS244, FS245, FS246, FS247, FS248, FS249, FS250, FS251, FS252, FS253, FS254, FS255, FS256, FS257, FS258, FS259, FS260, FS261, FS262, FS263, FS264, FS265, FS266, FS267, FS268, FS269, FS270, FS271, FS272, FS273, FS274, FS275, FS276, FS277, FS278, FS279, FS