Amazon has bought Future Home Innovation, which makes smart home devices

ESPN The Seattle Seahawks are the latest sports franchise to buy the Future Home Industry, an online retail company that sells smart home gadgets and accessories.

The team announced the purchase in a news release Wednesday, and the deal is expected to close in the third quarter of 2019.

The purchase price tag for the Future House Industry was not disclosed.

It will have an annual sales of $1 billion, with annual revenue expected to reach $1.3 billion.

The new company will have 100 employees, and Amazon plans to hire 100 people to work for the company over the next five years.

Future House Innovation’s CEO, Andrew Miller, said in a statement that the team will continue to focus on providing innovative products for consumers.

The move is a huge win for Amazon, which has been pushing smart home tech with a series of deals and acquisitions over the last year.

Last year, it launched its own Home Assistant, a smart home device that uses voice commands to make smart home appliances appear and act as if they were living rooms.

The company also acquired HomeKit, a connected home platform that lets manufacturers and home owners customize their home into a smart house.

Amazon also has a growing number of home automation products, including a smart lightbulb and a smart thermostat.

Its Echo devices, for example, can wake up or turn on any household appliance and can answer questions like “What is the weather like?” with a simple, “Yes.”

It’s unclear how the deal with Future House will impact the company’s smart home offerings.

The Seattle team said the purchase of the Future Lab will create “a leading leader in the home automation space.”

Future Home will be a subsidiary of Amazon’s Amazon Echo and Home assistant brands.

The Echo’s Alexa voice assistant is currently available on Amazon’s Echo devices.

The Home assistant is also supported by Amazon’s Alexa app for iOS and Android.

Future Home’s Amazon Alexa voice technology will allow it to access a large range of connected devices, including thermostats, smoke alarms, lighting control and more.

The deal was expected to be announced at a press event Wednesday.