‘No, you can’t go on a flight without your shoes’: Air travellers ‘no, you cant go on flights without your feet’

New Delhi: Air travellers have been left with no choice but to wear shoes for the safety of their feet, but some have gone to extreme lengths to preserve the fashion for themselves.

Some have gone so far as to wear the outer layers of shoes to work or in restaurants.

The New Delhi-based NGO ‘No to Foot’ said it has helped many people whose feet had to be amputated because of the severe infection that causes the disease.

Some of the shoes worn by some of the employees of a textile company in Delhi, India, after it closed for 10 days due to an outbreak of foot-borne cholera.

The company was set up by the local businessman Ajit Singh, who had started his own business and was the head of the local branch of the textile company, said Vikas Gopalan, the group’s head.

The workers had been in the factory for around a year, when the company decided to shut down due to the outbreak of cholestered feet.

“After several attempts to get them to wear their shoes, we finally managed to get the workers to wear them.

The entire day was spent in the office.

The company is in debt.

We had to sell all the products we made,” Mr Gopala said.

Mr Singh, the founder of the company, had bought the factory from an Indian textile giant in September last year for about Rs.1,200 crore ($23 million) for the textile, shoe and footwear business.

The workers wore the shoes in the company’s factory until they were able to go home.

They had been on a 24-hour strike for four days, which resulted in a shutdown on the factory premises, the activists said.

They also claimed that the workers were not paid their wages for more than two months after they were laid off, the New Delhi Tribune reported.