How will AI, robotics and the internet affect the future home?

New York – In a move that may seem unprecedented, China’s Ministry of Education has announced plans to launch a new project that will make the smart home a part of a broader national curriculum.

The National Digital Home will focus on the technology that will enable the home to perform all sorts of tasks in the home, from cooking to watching TV.

It will include teaching digital assistants and learning how to use smart devices.

The ministry has also said it is going to start pilot projects in some cities to test its new technology.

A number of countries, including the US and Australia, have already started pilot projects that aim to make the home part of the national curriculum through using smart home technologies.

A key part of this initiative will be the teaching of new technology, like smart devices, that will be integrated into the national education system, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The plan is part of China’s effort to integrate its vast digital infrastructure into the country’s education system.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Technology has announced that the Digital Home initiative is expected to help promote the countrys education system and promote a digital China.

The aim is to bring China a digital home, where everything is connected, according the ministry.

The Digital Home project will be implemented in China’s cities over the next five years, Xinhua news agency reported.

China’s Ministry for Education and Science will also set up a task force to work on digital education in China.

This will be a project aimed at developing digital skills, such as video editing, digital marketing and online learning, according Xinhua.

According to the ministry, the new project will bring digital technology into the education system through online education.

The digital education initiative will also involve the development of a comprehensive and relevant national curriculum for students to use in their educational life, Xinpa News Agency reported.

The government hopes to use this program to develop digital skills that will help students to succeed in their education and work in the future, Xinha News Agency said.

The Global Times, a conservative newspaper that was once the official mouthpiece of China, reported the ministry’s announcement on Wednesday.

It said the new initiative will help the Chinese government develop the country into a digital country and also help the country to promote its national identity, Xinma News Agency, said.