How to turn your Google Home into a fireplace in your home

As a budding fire-starter, I have always found the Google Home to be an excellent little device, but this time around I was inspired by the fire in my living room.

I was really looking forward to cooking a nice meal using my Google Home, so I was determined to try my hand at creating a cozy fire.

So I did, and it was awesome!

The fire started from a Google Home device, so the fire didn’t have to be lit from outside the house.

My kitchen and living room are all set up to work from a set of Google Home lights, so a fire in the kitchen wasn’t a big problem.

The fire was a bit too big for my kitchen, but the room was surprisingly cozy.

There was a good amount of smoke from the Google lights, and I didn’t feel like I was getting burned.

I thought the fire would burn out if I didn�t start it from a remote, but I didn?t have to worry about that.

If I could get the Google Lights going again, I might have done the same thing again.

Fireworks are a fun way to introduce fire to your home, but not all homes have Google lights.

Here is how you can turn a Google light into a cozy fireplace.


Set up the Google Light in your kitchen, living room, or other room.2.

Turn on the Google Google Home.3.

Open your Google Play Store and navigate to the Google Store.4.

Tap the Google icon and tap on Google Home devices.5.

Click on Google Fireplace.6.

Tap on a Google Fire or Google Light, and select the Google Fire Place option.7.

The Google FirePlace screen will pop up.

Click the green icon and then tap on the Fire.8.

The screen will change to a small Google icon.9.

Tap to close the FirePlace.10.

The Fire will light up, but will not burn up.

The smoke will dissipate quickly.

This means the fire will continue to burn and create smoke even if you don?t turn on the fire.11.

To make sure the Google fire is lit, simply open the Google app and open the Fireplace option in the Fireplaces section of the app.


Tap and hold on the light for about 10 seconds, until it dims.

The light will return to normal brightness.