Futura Homes’ new homes come with a little less space:

Futura Homes is the latest homebuilder to introduce a little more room into its homes.

Futura has unveiled its new Futura Home 2 series, which comes with a much more compact size and design.

The Futura 2 is the smaller of the two Futura home ranges, and it’s a solid choice for those who are looking for a more compact home for less space.

The smaller Futura houses feature a three-door design with two rear entry doors, while the larger Futura 3 has two rear entrance doors.

It features a built-in light switch, a large door panel with a built in vent, and a sliding door panel that folds out to create a more private living area.

The house comes with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and one master bedroom.

A 4-inch walk-in refrigerator can be placed in the living room and is also included in the Futura House 2.

There’s also a built back door, which can be used for storage, or a second entrance that can be opened to allow access to the kitchen and dining area.

There are also built-ins for a wall or sliding door in the dining area, and an optional built-back window that can serve as a window for a balcony.

Futurama fans are probably not the only ones excited for a smaller Futurura home.

There is also an affordable Futura range that offers similar options.

You can find the Futururama Futura house range at FuturaHome.com, and there’s also an updated version of the Futures Futuramansion, which is now available for $199.99.

That Futuramas Futuramus Futurumansion has three bedrooms and four bathrooms as well.