A new house in Zamboanga City will be ready in 2019

A new home is ready to be built in Zombaanga City, Zambia.

It will be a five-storey, six-bedroom, five-bedroom residential complex, complete with a swimming pool, a spa and gymnasium.

The building is part of a project that will allow Zambians to access and live in a number of new and improved homes.

The project is part the Zombai project.

The new home will be built on the site of the former home of one of Zambia’s wealthiest men, former President Paul Kagame.

The land is owned by a local developer, who plans to turn the site into a residential development.

The site is about 300 metres from a bus station.

Zombaji is the largest city in Zambia, home to about 8.5 million people.

It is one of the poorest parts of Zambias economy.

Zambia has been in the news recently for the number of people being killed by the Zika virus.

Earlier this year, President Paul Mwenda’s government announced it was considering introducing a national vaccination programme for pregnant women and children, as the virus spread in the country.

Zambias president also announced plans to expand its military.

He also announced that the government would begin allowing citizens to carry firearms, which has been an issue in other countries.

The government said the decision was taken as part of the countrys “national strategy” to combat the disease.

Zamboaganga City is Zambias third largest city, after Kampala and Port Elizabeth.